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Dean C. Angelo, Sr.

Fraternal Order of Police, Chicago Lodge #7

Tuesday, Jun 28, 2016

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Dean C. Angelo, Sr.

In 1980 Dean C. Angelo, Sr. started his CPD Patrol Career by completing his Probationary Period in the 016th District, after which he was assigned to the 020th District. For the next 13 years Dean worked out of Belmont and Western (old Area 6) as an Enforcement Officer in the Gang Crimes North Unit. In his 17th year, he was promoted to Detective and assigned to the Bomb & Arson Section as an Arson Investigator. Throughout his career, Dean has served the FOP as a Watch Rep, a Unit Rep and was twice elected as Trustee. Dean was elected as Trustee Chairman by his fellow Trustees and worked as a full-time Field Representative in the days when the Union worked non-stop to represent each and every officer in ways that took time, careful preparation and skillful defense. As Lodge 7 President, he intends to bring a newfound sense of professionalism back as commonplace and regular practice of the Lodge. Dean was forced off the job after 25 years of service when the then Medical Administrator combined several IOD reports into a single re-occurrence, placing him several months over his one year limit; thus ending his active duty. After a career he relished and enjoyed, Dean turned towards academia, earning a doctorate at Loyola University, Chicago and for over 20 years he assisted over 2,000 Officers in securing college degrees. Dean C. Angelo, Sr. is the son of Retired Detective Patrick Angelo, who served the CPD for more than 39 years. His son, Dean Angelo, Jr. (twice elected Lodge 7 Trustee) currently works in the 014th District. Dean Angelo, Jr. proudly wears the same star number that his father and grandfather wore before him…the tradition and the commitment continues.

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